Changes are the very essence of Complementary Development, as no product is perfect from the get go.
Following is a list of changes made to Complementary products with possible exceptions

Changes over 1.1.2:
- The installer now automatically gets the latest Fabric to prevent incompatibility issues. Ported from Iris Installer

Changes over 1.1.1:
- Fixed custom install directories not working. Thanks to isuewo

Changes over 1.1.0:
- Fixed the "What's the difference?" button not working

Changes over 1.0.1:
- Added "Unbound" and "Reimagined" style choices alongside the "What's the difference?" button
- Added "Install Euphoria Patches" advanced option. Thanks to isuewo and SpacEagle17
- Moved some settings to the new "Advanced Settings" menu
- Fixed older Java versions not being able to download the shader pack
- Minor design changes

Changes over 1.0.0:
- The "Install" button now reacts faster to being clicked
- Fixed the progress bar not progressing correctly
- Minor text changes

Complementary Installer is an edit of Iris Installer. It introduces added functionality to easily install Complementary Shaders without needing to separately install Iris or Optifine.