Reimagined Shaders

Aiming for perfection and reimagining Minecraft.

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Complementary Reimagined is a high quality Minecraft Java Edition shader pack that aims for perfection.
Preserving the unique style of Minecraft, with options to customise everything ranging from clouds to water.
Reimagined offers a ton of high quality effects, incredible attention to detail, an issueless experience, and top tier optimization.
Trying to complement Minecraft in the best way possible, Reimagined aims to please everyone who loves Minecraft.
There is no better summary for Reimagined other than that it is a shader pack that aims to be the ultimate choice.


The Complementary Installer

The installer will automatically download and install Complementary Reimagined with the Iris shader loader.
Simply run the installer, choose your Minecraft version, and click install.

Download Complementary Installer

Alternative if .exe doesn't work: Download .jar Installer

Manual Download

If you don't want an installer, you can download the shaderpack file from Modrinth.
Note that you need to manually download and install a shader loader to run Complementary Reimagined.

Download Shader Zip File